Financial engineering

Independent expertise in finance

Financial engineering is architecture. It provides the opportunity to look at your assets with a helicopter view. This goes far beyond a one-sided view of the performance of your investment portfolio. Integration of all investment categories provides a broader understanding and gives you a better basis for new choices.

Investment charter

Investing with a charter? That’s the foundation of financial engineering. Your objectives and ambitions are central. We examine parameters such as risk, return, liquidity, costs, and taxation. We also determine together how much time you want to spend on it and with what regularity, you want to and can follow it up. With the charter, you determine the outlines for your assets for an optimal result.

Goal based asset allocation

We take a close look at all your assets, both listed and unlisted, your real estate, your private companies, your collections, etc. Our guiding principle here is your objective. Is it in line with the risk/return ratio? Optimal? Could it be better? These are the questions we ask ourselves and which we discuss.

Cashflow modelling

Where does your money go? How does that work for your private wealth, your investments, financings, income and expenses?

Scenario Analyses

Financial engineering is building scenarios. Value at risk? Volatility analyses? Cash fluctuations? What if analyses? Let’s do it. Analyze to the bone

Selection of providers

We initiate and supervise the processes for offers and proposals. Just think of a possible optimization of asset management and private equity or the involvement of tax and legal experts. We analyze and assess the (existing and/or new) service providers and, together with you, select the most suitable party for you. We then take care of the implementation, follow-up and permanent optimization. Time to realize your ambitions for your assets? We go to extremes for the best possible result.

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