Your personal advisor for your ambitions

To realize your ambitions, you will receive tailored advice, personalized and discreet. We tailor your family office perfectly to your objectives. We ask critical questions and approach your assets from a helicopter viewpoint and with expertise. You decide, we are your sparring partner, your personal advisor.

Our clients attest to our personal approach with expert advice and customized solutions. We represent your interests and challenge the status quo.

Alice Hommel

She is the founder and owner of Woomany. She is an experienced financial consultant with a proven track record in Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Financial Markets. Her analytical skills and strong personality make a difference for very wealthy clients.

Erwin Colen

Erwin Colen, legal expert, and strategic advisor provides conclusive solutions for contracts and legal questions, client-oriented, and independent. With his experience, expertise, and international network, he analyzes and advises on all legal matters. Together they write the success story of Woomany.

Woomany was the nickname Winston Churchill gave to his confidante. He wrote to her as follows:

“Mrs. Everest – Woomany- it was, who looked after me and tended all my wants. It was to her to  whom I poured out all my many troubles …”


Our goal is to meet your expectations with our personalized approach. Our team grows and builds every day on the tradition of Woomany and works every day with a specific and personalized approach. Top service, perfect follow-up and a wide international network of asset managers, bankers, specialists and partners. That is Woomany.  Discover today what we can do for you.

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