Family governance

Family governance for the well-being of your family

Good family governance? You and your family will benefit from it. We look at how we convert wealth into well-being for your family. Discover all the possibilities of our independent expertise and operation for your family.

Family charter

A good family relationship is not obvious. Your assets are the last thing that should get in the way of this. Clear communication when relations are good substantially increases the chances of lasting harmony in the family. Questions that come into play are: who will get which powers? When? How are decisions taken? What about the next generations participation in the assets over time? These are all important points of attention for your family governance. Via the ‘family charter’ you organize together the continued well-being of your family. The path to the charter creates a solid basis for good communication. There is no such thing as “the best” family charter. Above all, this is your family charter.

Estate planning

Our team clarifies all aspects of family estate law and estate planning. What it’s about. Civil and tax assessment of your marriage contract, power of attorney, and your will will be consulted if necessary. We answer your questions, who will receive what, when, in what form, and what will they have to pay for it? You get a check on recent changes and whether everything is still fully in line with your wishes. Consultation with a notary and specialized lawyers follows if necessary.

Financial Education

Individualized, customized financial education for your children. Children’s interest in finance is highly variable. A healthy basis to make them independent, self-reliant, and self-confident is not a luxury. Elements that can be offered, investing in the stock market, in real estate. What does an ordinary existence cost? What is money worth now and later? What are the pitfalls and risks of being very wealthy? Do you want more peace of mind and well-being for your family? We create a targeted education plan for you and your family.

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